Cold Country

Cold Country captures the essence of Joseph Stalin through the base interactions of a bear and a rabbit. A rabbit steals a ride on a passing train to escape the harshness of the Russian winter, only to find himself sharing a box car with an agitated bear. The train fighting through the Russian winter serves as the emotional undertone of the interaction between the two. As the train becomes more erratic the relationship between the bear and rabbit devolve and the two meet in a cacophony of disaster as the train barrels through a log and the bear attacks the rabbit. With his annoyance removed the bear tosses the dead rabbit back into the wilderness as he and the train continue along their set path.

A Film By - Chris Palmer & Travis Overstreet

Visual Effects and Compositing- Conroy Williamson

Colorist - Jeff Bauman

Color Assist - Steve Shireman

Sound Design and Mix - Troy Bieser

Rotoscoping for RabbitPaul Tillery

Creative and Technical guidance provided by Crawford Media Services TEAM:

Jim Bowhall - Creative Director Troy Bieser - Creative Developer Nathan Bowhall - Creative Developer Conroy Wiliamson - Art Director

Supervising Professor - MT Maloney

Produced at Scad-Atlanta in Partnership with Crawford Media Services Copyright2011